Bookings and Fees




An initial consultation is free and is usually 30-60 minutes. This is where we meet in person to discuss your personal situation and consider how we might move forward.


Personalised one-to-one sessions are usually booked in one-hour time slots and are £30.-/hour.  This is for all individual services including counselling, mindfulness training, and life coaching. Don't be put off by the price! Many people happily spend £30.- or more for a night at the pub, a new haircut/colour, a pair of shoes, or some other indulgence.  This is much more than an indulgence - this is an investment in your wellbeing!


There are Group Programs that I run.  Pleaase visit the groups page to find out more.


To express interest, in the first instance, please use the contact page; click here.


Please make sure to answer each of the questions found of the contact page, as best you can!  It helps us both if we can start with a little bit of mutual understanding.


Once I have received your inquiry questionnaire: I will contact you to further discuss a booking.

When dates and other particulars have been confirmed and agreed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. In that e-mail, there will be a Service Agreement, as well as payment details, and other pertinent information.


If you are a private individual: PRIOR to your appointment, please scan and e-mail your photo ID and send it to Please then pay for your session, using the payment details provided in the e-mail. Lastly, print the Agreement and Waiver form, sign it, and remember to bring it with you to your appointment!


You should know:


The below terms are in addition to those Terms of Use outlined elsewhere on this website. Please see the full Terms of Use by clicking here, or by using the link at the bottom of the page.


I am a registered and insured complementary therapist: counsellor, life coach, meditation/mindfulness teacher. I am also a qualified social care professional. I keep current with my learning, and I maintain a highly ethical and evidence-based practice to offer all my clients the best possible service for them.


Privacy Policy

I observe a strict privacy policy, and never share your identity or any other personal information.


Adult Sessions

These sessions are intended for adults, but sessions can be adapted and delivered to younger groups, with advance notice and appropriate planning. I have an enhanced DBS, and can discuss this with you further.



All sessions must be paid in full after your date and time is confirmed by e-mail and at least 24 hours before the start of your first session.  You may pay by bank transfer, verified cheque, money order, or paypal; details will be provided in e-mail confirmation.  Once you have received your confirmation, you will have entered into a contract and payment for your session will be expected.


Cancellation Policy

No refunds can be issued for cancellations once you have paid for your session.  I am happy to re-schedule your session(s), as long as you have given at least 48 hours notice.  Cancellations made with less than 48 hours before the appointment time will not be refunded or rescheduled without another payment.

Please call as soon as possible if you need to change your appointment, so that you do not lose your confirmation payment.



Please arrive on time, as it is extremely likely that your session cannot be extended if you are late.  On some very rare occasions, if time and circumstances allow, some time might be added to a session if you're late, but this cannot be guaranteed, and should never be expected.


Drugs and Drink

I reserve the right to refuse service, without refund, if I suspect you are under the influence of drink or other drugs.  Though I do not judge your choices or activities, using drugs and/or alcohol prior to (or during) a session is counter-productive. It can affect your behaviour and thoughts, and it will likely interfere with the desired outcome.



I will terminate a session immediately, with no refund, should you act in an inappropriate manner, either verbally or physically. This means that if there is violent or sexual misconduct of any type - inappropriate touching, rubbing, hitting, spitting, shoving, shouting, etc. - the session will end immediately and no refund will be given. Misconduct will not be tolerated.


Health & Safety

Sessions are intended for people who are basically and generally well, or who have mild/moderate symptoms of anxiety or depressions, but are looking to improve their overall wellbeing or life situation. If you are seeing a doctor or other health professional, and/or you are on any medication for any emotional or physical illness, please make certain that you check with your health professional before you book a session, and continue o see them for your medical issues. Also, make sure to let me know ahead of time if we need to discuss any particulars related to this. Please be aware that these sessions are NOT to be used in lieu of services provided by your GP, doctor, or other health professional. My services are meant to enhance lives, and can work really well alongside any treatments you might already receiving. 

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