DIY Mental Health Resources

Sometimes the issues we're dealing with can make it seem impossible to face anyone, or too hard to get out of the house to meet with someone in person.  In those cases, people often feel trapped - as if they cannot get help - hopeless.  However, there are do-it-yourself online tools available. For some people, this can get them to the point of making it easier to get out of the house for face-to-face therapy meetings or group sessions.

In-person therapies and/or group sessions can be vital to our overall wellbeing/recovery. There is compelling evidence to suggest that some of the healing that takes places is the result of the therapeiutic relationship -something called resonance, which only exists when people are together, in person.  BUT - an online tool is definitely a very good start to getting better, especially if getting out or being with people seems impossible.

I’ve put together a short list of links and resources for people who are interested in trying a web-based DIY approach to improving their mental and emotional wellbeing.  This list is not exhaustive, but it is a good start:

Both Beating the Blues and FearFighter are approved by NICE, and can be prescribed by your GP.

  • Living Life to the Full is a website with lots of tips and tricks for getting mentally and emotionally well.

The goal of the online format is to help people at their own convenience. People can do it in their own time, from wherever they choose, and at their own pace - which might be a relief to some, especially in the beginning stages when actually being with other people can be difficult. 

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