About Me

and what I do

I'm a surviving civil partner with five children in all (three still at home). We have a cat and a dog and a small flower, fruit, and vegetable garden out back. Things I like to do, other than helping people and spending time with my family, are growing things, spending time in nature, visiting new places, and learning.


Exploring and experimenting with life is important to me and it is my wish to pass on the lessons of survival and thriving that I have learned both by experience and study.


My goal is to encourage people to develop according to their own needs and abilities, and to ultimately improve my community by supporting the wellbeing of the people who live here. I am not interested in pushing out a selfish personal agenda or selling lies to people. While I do have preferred methods and ways of working, I am ultimately and genuinely open-minded and interested in being both useful and comforting to my clients.


I am technically a complementary therapist - specialising in the areas of counseling, mindfulness, and life coaching. I've always loved complementary therapies and the freedom of choice that they offer (partaking in many complementary therapies myself). I can, and I do, use ideas and techniques that aren't always funded by the NHS, but that are developed and backed by reliable scientific research and evidence. I am also a social care practitioner supporting families and people with complex social needs. I have current enhanced DBS certification.


I am inspired by the idea that we all contain everything we need to be who and what we want to be, and that with the right motivation, inspiration, and activation, we can achieve.  My deepest desire is to spend my life helping people to reach their potential and to contribute to the greater good by doing so.


If you would like to make a booking, please feel free to use the contact page to get in touch. You can also message me through the Facebook Page, Because Happiness Matters. Let me know what you're interested in doing, and the best way for me to contact you.



Personal assistance, resources, information, and inspiration for your personal development. Increase your happiness; learn and practice mindfulness; get support through counselling; get life coaching to help you achieve your goals. Find your best possible self and do everything you can to be that person.

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