"Create a life that feels good on the inside,

not one that just looks good from the outside."



Whether it's a relationship breakdown, feeling stuck at work, a spiritual disconnect, history of trauma, or something else...life can be hard. And sometimes, all we need is someone willing to give us a hand getting ourselves back on track. 


Although we may be experts at some things, we all get stuck in those tricky places once in a while. It can start to feel like the whole world is against us and that it's a hopeless situation - even desperate. But that is okay!  It is all part of life!



"We either make ourselves miserable

or we make ourseleves strong.

The amount of work is the same"

~Carlos Castaneda


There are three useful things to remember when you've decided to make a change:

1) Believe that you can succeed;

2) Choose what is meaningful and important to you; and

3) Show yourself enough love to keep trying.

You can rest, you can change your mind, you can fail, you can go slow; but never give up.

You don't have to like everything that you try, but you should keep trying until you find what works.


The WAY we think about things has a direct impact on how possible our goals are for us.

If we want to change, we need to consider the possibilities of doing things differently.


The barriers to our potential are built from the negative thinking.  We have a tendency to give all the power away to things outside ourselves; like the bank account, the public transport schedules, or the thoughts in someone else's head!

But we can do better than this!  We are worth it!  YOU are worth it!


"If you do the things you've always done,

you'll get the things you've always got."



Changing our minds and our patterns to achieve our goals isn't easy; but it doesn't have to be done all at once.

It can be scary; but it can also be thrilling.

There is a level of inconvenience, but you can learn to find places in your schedule to fit things in here and there. Especially those thngs that you want the most!

Sometimes it takes a long time to get there. But someday is better than never.

We may have to endure the failures of trial and error, but everyone was a beginner at one time, even the experts!

It takes commitment, compassion for yourself and your life.


If you aren't open to trying new things,

you'll only ever be an expert at excuses.

A lot of us find it easier to stay in a situation that we recognise and understand, no matter how hard it might actually be. And we become addicted to the predictability of it all.  If this is the case, then we don't have to do anything strange, or new, or confusing, but we miss out on opportunities. Often times, having no idea that something better was possible the whole time - because the reasons and excuses we made up were so convincingly good.


So many of us, so much of the time, don't realise that we're a lot more in control of things than we think. We're more trapped by our thoughts and bad habits than we are by anything in the outside world.


The way we're eating; thinking; speaking; what we do for work; how we spend our free time; and so many other little things all combine to make us who we are, and contribute to how we feel.  We all, deep down, know this, but a lot of us just can't be bothered with the responsibility of it. 

“The world breaks everyone,

then some become strong

at the broken places.”

~Ernest Hemingway


Click Here for an interesting and inspirational talk given by Nick Vujicic.

Click Here for another interesting and inspirational video; this one is a talk by Sean Stephenson



Meaning is so important. If it doesn't have meaning for you, it is easy to make excuses. However, if you are motivated by the idea of what could be - if it means soemthing to you - you will find the time; you will face your fear; you will find (or save) the money; you will take the class or make the investment.


Consider the possibility that you're only ever one decision away

from a better life.


It's helpful to know that your beliefs are powerful things. Your decisions have a real-life effect on how well or how poorly you do anything. Most of us have heard of placebos before. When people believe that a placebo medicine is the "real" medicine, it can affect a person's physiology - so much so that there have been times when the placebo worked as well, or nearly as well, as a medical intervention did. In fact, sometimes, even when people KNOW that the placebo is not the real thing, it STILL has an effect. (Info on that from Harvard Medical School here).


Also, the opposite applies. If you're convinced that nothing will work - guess what?  It won't. Consider how thinking something, over a long period of time, can cause a physical illness to worsen, or cause new symptoms to appear. Most people are pretty familiar with the term psychosomatic illness, and that's because it's an actual "thing." (Some information here. And a bit More information here.)


If we think about what this implies, just for a minute, we can begin to realise the potential of our beliefs. By making positive changes to our minds, we can make positive changes to our lives.  The most powerful tool that we have is our minds.  Improve your thoughts, to improve your life.


"Anything worth doing

is worth doing poorly

until you learn to do it well."

~Zig Zigler


Start considering the long game. Don't worry if it takes a long time. If you've been wanting to better yourself or some part of your life for quite a while, then it's worth taking quite a while to get it right. The more you feel you've suffered, the more reason you have to want to get it right.



Don't let fear make your choices for you.



There are several ways I can help you to get back into the driver's seat of your life.

What it looks like really depends on what works best for you...

Some of the things I can do to help:

Laughter Yoga! I know how it sounds, but really...investigate it more here! 

Life Coaching! Reset negative or obstructive thinking patterns, and see where you might be sabotaging yourself unintentionally. Find out more here!

Mindfulness! Teacing you practices that can help you with focus, relieving stress, and/or improving other issues such as symptoms of mild-to-moderate anxiety and depression, pain management, sleep habits, and other things.  More about that here!

Counselling sessions! Using regular meetings and discussions to help you to resolve emotional issues.  More about that here! Sessions can also be centred around arts, crafts, walks, and other activities, which can help to stimulate different ways of approaching problems and difficulties.  For some, this works better than a sit-down talk.


If you want to book an appointment, or want to send me a message for another reason, please feel free to use the contact page.

contact page.



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